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This file is used to disconnect instructors from sections and is highly dependent on institutional processes surrounding instructor assignments. Discuss how instructors are added, removed, and swapped in the SIS. 

If you are unable to automate this file, you need to establish a workflow to remove instructors manually and avoid re-adding them every time the automated Instructor file is loaded. One option is to remove instructors manually in your Campus Labs tool or with a manually built file (depending on your campus’ suite of products) after removing them in the SIS.

Video Explaining the Remove Instructors File

Best Practices for Populating Remove Instructors

Data Relationships

The Remove Instructors file references two other identifiers that are defined in other files: SectionIdentifier and PersonIdentifier. These identifiers must either be present on the instructors assignment tables or be able to be mapped through another table or view to match the identifiers used in the Sections and Accounts files.

Term Logic

If scripted, Remove Instructors term logic should align with Instructors term logic to ensure that all instructor adds, drops, and swaps are captured.

Suggested SIS Tables

Important Information About Importing This File

Import Order

This file must be imported after the Instructor enrollment file. 

Products That Use the Remove Instructors File

Product Required Optional Not Applicable
Baseline - Rubrics     2000px-Checkmark_black.png
Beacon   2000px-Checkmark_green.svg.png   
Course Evaluations 2000px-Checkmark_green.svg.png    
Engage     2000px-Checkmark_black.png
Insight   2000px-Checkmark_green.svg.png   
Outcomes   2000px-Checkmark_green.svg.png   
Planning     2000px-Checkmark_black.png


Requirements for populating this file can be found in the Core Data Dictionary. 

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