New Landing Page FAQs

The new Campus Labs landing page is debuting this fall 2014. Below are some of the questions we anticipate you may have about this new aspect of your Campus Labs suite. If you have a question that is not addressed below, please contact our Support Team at 716-270-0000.


Q: How do I get to the landing page?

A: The URL for the Landing Page will be (where "yourschool" is the host name of your campus--most likely the same domain your school's .edu web address uses).


Q: But wait, is how I'm used to accessing Baseline--how do I get to Baseline now?

A: If you or your colleagues were using to access Baseline, you should access Baseline once from the new page and then update your bookmarks accordingly.


Q: Will the URLs for any of the other products change?

A: URLs for other products such as CollegiateLink, Compliance Assist, Beacon, and Course Evaluations will remain unchanged and so any existing bookmarks you had will continue to function.


Q: How will I log into the new page?

A: You will be able to log into this page using the same campus credentials you’ve set up with our products before. Once you log in however, you’ll see links to all of your institution’s Campus Labs tools side-by-side, each only a click away.


Q: Are students supposed to use this new page?

A: Depending on how your institution's central authentication system is configured with us, students may be able to access this page. However, they will not be able to access administrative tools that require specific accounts, roles, or permissions (such just like how your sites work today). So while students may be able to see this page, it's primary function is to assist the faculty/staff members who utilize more than one Campus Labs product.


Q: I went to the landing page and then into a specific product--how do I get back to the landing page now?

A: Click on the Campus Labs "molecule" logo in the upper left of the product you navigated to. This will take you back to the landing page.


Q: I logged into Compliance Assist, but I don't see the logo in the upper left that will take me to the landing page--where is it?

A: We are working on updating Compliance Assist to utilize the new navigation scheme that has already been added to most other products. In the meantime, if you've navigated into a Compliance Assist product and need to get back to the Landing Page, simply re-enter into your browser address bar (or utilize a bookmark to that page).

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