Core Data Dictionary and Sample CSV files

The Core Data Dictionary gives you all of the information you need to know about what data to populate your Core Date files with. Each file is used to import different data into Campus Labs.

Within the Core Data Dictionary we supply you with the following information for each file:

Header Title – Name of the header for each column on the file.  All column headers must appear exactly as they are listed in the Core Data Dictionary.
Description – Describes the type of data that should be contained in the column.
Required Fields – Yes/No – If required, data must exist in this column, it cannot be blank
Type – Defines the data type (string, numeric, guid, etc.).
Field Length – The maximum amount of characters allowed with the field.
Enumerated – If the column is marked as enumerated, only the values listed in the Core Data Dictionary for this filed are allowed in this column.
Unique – Yes/No – If unique, only one value can exist in the system with this value.

Click here for the Core Data Dictionary

Files should be imported in the same order they are numbered in the Core Data Dictionary.  For additional information about the Core Data Process, please review About Core Data.


Recent Updates

Date File Impacted Update
10/5/17 Faculty & Student Demographic The 'sex' field has been changed from an enumerated field to a string field with a length of 250 characters.


Sample Files

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