Canvas LTI 1.1

Step 1: Pre-Integration Task

Step 2: Product Specific Deployment

Outcomes Integration Instructions           

Rubrics Course Sync - Integration Instructions

Adding an LTI for Anthology Beacon or Anthology Evaluate



Step 1: Pre-Integration Task

Submit a request to our Support team or call (716.270.0000) requesting Canvas integration for your Anthology product.  

* In the request please i nclude your Canvas sign in URL (e.g.,


Outcomes Integration Instructions

For the Outcomes Integration we will need you to create Developer Keys to configure your Outcomes integration. To create your developer keys, please follow the below steps:

  1. From the Admin menu, click "Developer Keys" and then click on the add Developer Key button, and select ‘Add API Key’
  2. Input the following information:
  3. Key Name: Anthology Owner
  4. Email:
  5. Redirect URI (Legacy): (please add both URLS listed below) (where 'school' is replaced with your institution’s Anthology / Campus Labs domain name, e.g. for Hometown University:
  6. Redirect URIs: (where 'school' is replaced with your institution’s Anthology / Campus Labs domain name, e.g. for Hometown University
  7. Click Save
  8. Icon URL: Leave blank
  9. Notes: Leave blank
  10. Click Save
  11. From the Developer Key Menu, Toggle State to ‘ON’ for the Keys you just created.
  12. To enable the Outcomes LMS Integration:
      • An Outcomes site admin needs to navigate to:  Settings > General Settings.
      • Enable - “Individual Student Scores and Rubrics” 
      • Click on the check box for LMS and follow the 2 steps provided.

Rubrics Course Sync - Integration Instructions

Anthology provides a platform of tools that enables institutions to unify information to provide valuable insights and better decision making. The Canvas integration enables instructors to synchronize assignments created in Canvas with the Anthology Rubrics tool.

Rubrics Course Sync - User Role Permissions

When you synchronize data between Canvas and Anthology, the synchronization process uses the account of the Teacher or TA who invokes the synchronization to access course roster, assignments, and grade data. In order to successfully access this data, Canvas requires the following permissions to be enabled for the TA role:

  1. From the Admin Menu, select Permissions.
  2. Ensure the following Permissions are enabled for the Teacher Role (and the TA Role is needed):
  • Assignments and Quizzes - add / edit / delete
  • Grades - View audit trail
  • Grades - view all grades
  • Users - add / remove students in courses
  • Users - add / remove teachers, course designers, or TAs in courses
  • Users - view list
  • Users - view login IDs
  • Users - view primary email address
  • LTI - add / edit / delete 
  • SIS Data - read enabled


* To access the Course Sync app from a Canvas course, users must;

      • Have the role of 'Teacher' or 'TA' to access the Rubrics app
      • Have third party cookies enabled in their browser to use the Rubrics app

Rubrics Course Sync - Creating Developer Key

Your Canvas Administrator or staff member with appropriate permissions should perform the following steps:

  1. Log into Canvas 
  2. From the Admin menu, click "Developer Keys" and then click on the add Developer Key button 
  3. Click "+API Key"
  4. Input the following information:
    • Key Name: Anthology
    • Owner Email:
    • Redirect URI (Legacy): 'school' is replaced with your institution’s Campus Labs domain name, e.g. for Hometown University)
    • Redirect URIs:  (same as above)
    • Vendor Code (LTI 2): Leave Blank
    • Icon URL: Leave blank
    • Notes: Leave blankmceclip0.png
  5. Click the "Save Key" button
  6. Provide the ID and Key that were just created, to your Anthology technical implementation specialist via secure transfer.  These items can be found on the Developer Keys page under details.



Rubrics Course Sync - Configuring the Course Sync App

When you have received confirmation that your integration has been activated, you will be provided with a block of XML and a Shared Secret GUID necessary for adding theAnthology Canvas app to your site.  To complete setting up the app follow the steps below.

      1. From the Admin menu, click "Settings"
      2. Click on the "Apps" tab
      3. Click the "View App Configurations" button
      4. Click "Add App"
      5. Input the following information: 
          • Configuration Type: Paste XML
          • Name: Campus Labs
          • Consumer Key: <enter the value provided by Anthology>
          • Shared Secret: <enter the Shared Secret GUID provided by Anthology>
          • XML Configuration: <paste the block of XML provided by Anthology>
      6. Click "Submit"




Adding an LTI for Anthology Beacon or Anthology Evaluate

        1. From the Admin menu, click "Settings"
        2. Select the "Apps" Tab
        3. Click "View App Configurations"
        4. Click "add App"
        5. Choose "Manual Entry" from the drop down
        6. Name your LTI tool (e.g. Anthology Product Name)
        7. Input the following information:
          • Consumer Key: <enter the value provided by Anthology>
          • Shared Secret: <enter GUID provided by Anthology staff> (This will have been provided by Anthology after you have submitted your original request for integration)
          • Launch URL: the url of the site you would like users to be directed to.
          • Choose Privacy: "Public"
          • Custom Fields: Leave blank
          • Description: Leave blank
        8. Click "Submit" 












Adding the LTI Link to a Module on a Course

The next step is to add the LTI you created onto each of the courses that you would like the LTI to appear on.

      1. Log into Canvas
      2. Navigate to a course page
      3. From the course page, click "Modules"
      4. Click "+Module"
      5. Enter "Module Name" (e.g. Course Evaluations LTI tool)
      6. Click "Add Module"
      7. From the new Module, click "+"
      8. From the Add Drop-down Menu, select "External Tool"
      9. Select the Course Evaluations LTI link that was created under "View App Configurations"
      10. Check "Load in new tab"
      11. Click "Add Item"

Canvas offers the ability to create LTI links to Campus Labs products from Canvas without having to sign in twice. These instructions are based on Canvas documentation available at: 

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