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Engage Import Automation

Attached is the documentation that explains Engage user import automation. The basic process is that you copy an import file to our secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) server. This file must be formatted according to the attached template, and must be copied into the CollegiateLink\Users folder. The header row must be present, and the header column names must match the provided values, but they may appear in any desired order.

The required fields for each record are:

  • Action: we recommend using the Update action for most purposes.
  • Username: This is the unchanging unique identifier used in authentication. This field cannot be changed using a data import.
  • CampusEmail

Any other fields may remain blank.

After this file is uploaded, you can copy the manifest file (*.DONE) into that directory. This tells our system to start processing the data file. You CANNOT copy the manifest file to the SFTP server UNTIL the data file has finished copying.

Use the attached manifest file as an example. Open the file in a text editor and replace "INSERTFILENAMEHERE.CSV" with the name of your data file, including its file extension.

If any of the fields in in the import register an error, that user will not be imported into the system. Check the error file for any details, found in the CollegiateLink\Users\Errors folder. The most recent error file will also be under CollegiateLink\Users. You can use this immediate feedback to fix any issues, using the attached specification sheet as a guideline.

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