Beacon Imports

Attached is the documentation that explains the Beacon user import. 

The required fields for each record are:

  • ExternalId: This is the unchanging unique identifier used in authentication. This field cannot be changed using a data import
  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • Email

The specification sheet is a guideline that covers what kind of data is supported for each field.  Fields marked Explicit refer the user to a second tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet which provides the listing of the exact entries that must be populated for this field.

There are two ways to import this data into your site:

  1. Set up an sFTP for import automation.  For more instructions on this process click here.
  2. Send in a support ticket to and they will assist you in getting this file imported.  Please do not send the file via the initial email that is sent to support.


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