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Organizational Units are a container within an organized structure that may hold related users and information.  The Organizational Unit import, is used to create the structure of your institution within the Campus Labs tools.

Video Explaining Organizational Units

Important Information About Populating This File

  • Course information will be associated with an organizational unit.
  • Organizational Unit identifiers must be unique.
  • Only one unit should be labeled with the Type Institution.
  • The parent identifier column will define the hierarchy of your organizational chart.
  • The Organizational Units import is hierarchical.  This is achieved in the import by populating the "ParentIdentifier" column with the "OrgUnitIdentifier" of the Organizational Unit that the child unit falls within. The end goal is to have an Organizational Tree, with the institution at the top, and breaking out into divisions, schools and departments.
  • An organizational unit can be the parent unit of a unit with the same type.

Important Information About Importing This File

  • The Organizational Units must be sent and uploaded BEFORE any other course data is sent to Campus Labs.
  • Once an Organizational Unit has been created it cannot be deleted.  It is important to have your Organizational Unit file as accurate as possible before it is imported.  
  • The name, acronym, parent identifier and type of a unit can be updated by importing an updated file with the new information.

Products that use Organizational Units

Product Required Optional Not Applicable
Baseline - Rubrics     2000px-Checkmark_black.png
Beacon   2000px-Checkmark_green.svg.png   
Course Evaluations 2000px-Checkmark_green.svg.png    
Engage     2000px-Checkmark_black.png
Insight   2000px-Checkmark_green.svg.png   
Outcomes 2000px-Checkmark_green.svg.png    
Planning     2000px-Checkmark_black.png


Requirements for populating this file can be found in the Core Data Dictionary.

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