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The Courses Import is used to create a campus course catalog in the system.  The course holds the place for sections that are offered each semester.


The Section Import is used to associate course offerings to the courses in the course catalog.  It will also be used to attach students and instructors to a course offering during a term.   

Video Explaining the Course and Section Files

Important Information About Populating These Files

  • The Courses file should contain all of the courses that would ever be offered at your institution.  Similar to your course catalog.
  • The CIP code column must have a valid CIP code inserted in one of the following formats (00 / 00.00 / 00.0000)
  • Cross-Listings can now be done within the Sections file.  An additional column "CrossListingIdentifier" has been added to this file.  Use the same identifier for each section you would like to cross-list together.
    • The same identifier should be put in the "CrossListingIdentifier" column in order to cross-listed sections together.
    • To remove a cross-listing from a section import the "Sections" file with the section you would like to remove the cross-listing from and leave the "CrossListingIdentifier" field blank.
    • For more information about how cross-listings are used within Course Evaluations see Cross-Listed Course Sections.

Important Information About Importing These Files

  • During the Core Data, Courses Import process, the Courses Import MUST be the third of the Course Data imports to go into Core Data.  Courses must be in the system before Course Section data is imported.
  • Once the Courses and Sections have been created they cannot be deleted.  It is important to have your extract as accurate as possible before it is imported.
  • All of the columns except for the Identifier can be updated by importing an updated file with the new information.

Products That Use Courses and Sections

Product Required Optional Not Applicable
Baseline - Rubrics     2000px-Checkmark_black.png
Beacon   2000px-Checkmark_green.svg.png   
Course Evaluations 2000px-Checkmark_green.svg.png    
Engage     2000px-Checkmark_black.png
Insight   2000px-Checkmark_green.svg.png   
Outcomes   2000px-Checkmark_green.svg.png   
Planning     2000px-Checkmark_black.png

Requirements for populating these file can be found in the Core Data Dictionary.

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