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Core Data Enrollments

Overview Importing This File
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Enrollment data will include the enrollment records of all students into the individual sections offered for the term.  

Video Explaining the Enrollments File

Important Information About Populating This File

  • When importing enrollments, it is important that the identifier for each student matches the identifier used when importing this student as a user in accounts.  The student’s person identifier will link the account to the enrollment record, allowing the student to access their sections when completing a course evaluation.  
  • The status column indicates a students status in the course section.

Important Information About Importing This File

  • The Enrollments file must be imported after the sections file.
  • In order to unenroll a student from a course section they must be imported in this file with a status of dropped or withdrawn. 

Products That Use the Enrollments File

Product Required Optional Not Applicable
Baseline - Rubrics     2000px-Checkmark_black.png
Beacon   2000px-Checkmark_green.svg.png   
Course Evaluations 2000px-Checkmark_green.svg.png    
Engage     2000px-Checkmark_black.png
Insight   2000px-Checkmark_green.svg.png   
Outcomes   2000px-Checkmark_green.svg.png   
Planning     2000px-Checkmark_black.png


Requirements for populating this file can be found in the Core Data Dictionary

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