Updates to Data Management - 10.6.16

New Features

Exports of basic Courses information

Our team has introduced a new option for viewing your Courses data.


Data Managers will now be able to export a .csv file of the following information:

Organizational Units

Academic Terms


Sections by Term

Enrollments by Term

Instructors by Term

We’ve added this option to allow you to easily make necessary changes to your data.  You will be able to extract your current data to make changes to the .csv file, and import the updated data in the same format that it was exported.



Manually upload your Attribute file

We’ve added a new option on the Course Management page, giving you the ability to manually import your Attribute file. You can use this file to add, remove or edit attributes on specific course sections. Read more about attributes here.



Maintenance Updates

  • Updated the look and feel of the home page
  • Made improvements to emails received about import results
  • Made updates to the API Core Data documentation including additional API endpoints for demographics and added defined file sizes for API data exchange.
  • Increased the field current credit load to 99 in the Student demographics file
  • Improved display of student and faculty demographic data
  • When exploring your data, you can now see what institutional unit a Course is a part of.
  • Added a new set of fields, PreviousInstitutionName, on the student demographic file allowing up to three previous institutions to be listed for a student
  • Addressed an issue with the original file download link
  • Addressed an issue with enrollment file status change date
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