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This file is highly institution specific. Campuses that do not have Evaluate or Insight should skip this section. The attributes that you choose to assign to sections will depend on the how you want to configure your evaluations and what type of analysis you want to facilitate. This file is flexible; think of it as “tags” on the sections to provide additional data relevant to your institution. 

Attributes are used for two features within Evaluate:  

1. Set up an administration for course sections to be evaluated based on all of the course sections that have been imported with a certain attribute.

2. Create custom questions to be asked of all of the course sections that have been imported with a certain attribute.

Because the section attribute import is strictly additive and does not update or remove existing rows, it is important to make sure the SIS data used to assign attributes is up to date before sending this file. Depending on your local policies and practices, it may not be wise to automate this file.

Video Explaining the Attributes File


Best Practices for Populating Attributes


The scope of this file depends on how your campus is using attributes, but it should be the same as or a subset of the scope of your Sections file.

Data Relationships

To properly link the attributes to the sections they describe, the Identifier must match the SectionIdentifiers defined in the Section file. 

Multiple attributes can be assigned to one section, so duplicate identifiers are accepted in this file.

Key and Value

The Key and Value fields should always be the same. Use the same logic to build each column in the script.

Term Logic

Provided updates to the relevant datapoints in the SIS happen systematically, term logic should match the Sections file.

Suggested SIS Tables

Important Information About Importing This File

Import Order

The Attributes file must be imported after the Sections file each term.


What Data Can Be Updated

Once the Attributes have been created they cannot be deleted or updated.  It is important to have your extract as accurate as possible before it is imported.

Products That Use Attributes

Product Required Optional Not Applicable
Baseline - Rubrics     2000px-Checkmark_black.png
Beacon     2000px-Checkmark_black.png
Engage     2000px-Checkmark_black.png
Evaluate   2000px-Checkmark_green.svg.png  
Insight   2000px-Checkmark_green.svg.png   
Outcomes     2000px-Checkmark_black.png
Planning     2000px-Checkmark_black.png


Requirements for populating this file can be found in the Core Data Dictionary

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