Removing a cross-listing from a section

In order to remove a cross-listing designation from a section(s) an updated Section file will need to be imported. If you are automating your imports you'll want to adjust your cross-listing designations in your source system so that the cross-listing is removed once your automated file is processed. 

If you are not automating your imports you'll want to put together a new sections file that only contains the information for the sections you no longer want to cross-list together.  

Please note that to complete this task you must have privileges to access the Data Management site. If you are unsure of your access, or who acts as your on-campus Data Manager, please contact

Step 1: Exporting your Section file

You will first need to generate an export of your sections for the appropriate term. To generate a Section export, do the following:

  1. Navigate to your Data Management homepage (
  2. Select “View/Export Data” under the Courses area.
  3. Next, using the menu on the left-hand side, select the “Sections” option. You will now see information related to all sections imported for use with the Campus Labs platform.
  4. You will have two options for filtering your data to generate an easy-to-work with export.
    • Filtering by a specific cross-listing identifier:
      Select the “Cross Listing Identifier” option from the Search By dropdown, and then type in the identifier in the adjacent field. Next, click the “Filter” button, and you will see the specific records that you need. Finally, click the “Export Results” button to generate your export. A .csv file will be downloaded:
    • Filtering by the term identifier that the sections live within:
      Select the “Term Identifier” option from the Search By dropdown, and then type in the identifier for the specific term you want data for. Next, click the “Filter” button, and you will see corresponding records for that filtered term. Finally, click the “Export Results” button to generate your export. A .csv file will be downloaded.
  5. Retrieve your downloaded file and open.

Step 2: Modifying your Sections file

  1. Now that you have generated, and opened your Sections export, it can be modified. You will see that the last column in your .csv indicates “CrossLisitingIdentifier”. Sort this column to surface rows with a cross-listing.
  2. To remove a cross-listing from a set of sections, the corresponding field from the import must be blank.
    This screenshot shows an original Sections export from the Data Management site:
  3. Once edited, your file should have no values in the “CrossListingIdentifier” field where the cross-listing is to be removed.
    This screenshot shows a modified Sections export:

Step 3: Importing your modified Sections file

  1. Once you have made the necessary changes to applicable section records, you are ready to save your file.
  2. Navigate to the “Import Data” option under the Courses area of the Data Management homepage.
  3. Select the “Sections” file type to be imported, and choose the file that was saved .
  4. Click “Upload File” and the file will now be imported.

A few things to note:

  1. If the "CrossListingIdentifier" header is not included in your file and the column is left blank, then no information is changed.
  2. If the "CrossListingIdentifier" header is included in your file but the entire column is left blank, this will remove all cross-listings for any sections that are in the file when the import is run. The file should only include the sections that need to be changed. 

For any additional questions regarding cross-listings, please do not hesitate to reach out to

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