Reporting on Student Co-Location Data

Campus Labs member campuses may leverage a number of different features across the Campus Labs product portfolio in order to better understand the dynamics or history of physical co-location (which may or may not mean actual contact) between multiple individuals.

Institutional representatives interested in leveraging data derived from usage of the features described below must have the appropriate authorization, access, and permissions assigned to them by the designated authority over each Campus Labs product used by the institution. Please consult with the appropriate HR, IT, or other governance group at your campus to better understand your institutional data access, usage, and privacy policies. The Campus Labs privacy policy may be found at



Engage platform does allow for tracking attendance at events (please see the overview of the tracking options included for free in all Engage sites, or information on our mobile solution which is available as an add-on licensed module). Because Engage is capable of collecting attendance data, you can run reports to show all the users who attended a single given event (this information can be retrieved via API as well), all event attendances for a given user, or run a report of all users who have attended any event attended by another single given user.

Further information on Engage may be found on the Campus Labs student engagement website or the Engage Support Site.


Campuses with access to both Campus Labs Baseline and Engage can use the Panels feature in Baseline to create a single panel of all students who have at least one attendance record from any among a manually-selected list of events. This information can be viewed on the screen in a paginated table of data and manually copy-and-pasted out page by page if necessary. Alternatively, panels can be tied to surveys which in turn allow for mass mailings to be sent to the panel members, prompting them to fill out an online survey.

Further information on Baseline may be found on the Campus Labs assessment management website or the Baseline Support Site.


Campuses with access to both Campus Labs Beacon and Engage can use the Involvement tab feature in Beacon to see a list of all event attendances for a single student. Beacon is also capable of showing offices, resource centers, or other locations a student has checked into (please see the overview of location check-in using Beacon).

Further information on Beacon may be found on the Campus Labs retention and success website or the Beacon Support Site


Campuses with access to both Campus Labs Insight and Engage can use visualizations or queries to create views of all events attended by a given student and then a second set of visuals/queries for all attendances at those events. This information can then be exported to a spreadsheet or JSON format.

Further information on Insight may be found on the Campus Labs analytics and insight website or the Insight Support Site.



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