Your Anthology Partners

Campus success is a top priority at Anthology. 

It takes more than just the right technology to successfully transform your campus. Our expert Campus Education and Adoption team (previously referred to as Campus Success) will help guide your campus with the strategies, processes and best practices to help you get the most out of your Anthology investment.  Our Campus Education and Adoption team helps you achieve your required outcomes starting on day one and continuing through your entire journey.  Our goal is to help you realize value faster and get the best possible results from your Anthology solution.

The Campus Education and Adoption is focused on delivering success– everything we do is designed to help you achieve your goals. We have different areas of expertise on the team, but all of us share a passion for higher education and for leveraging the power of strategic data insights. 

Campus Education and Adoption is one of several teams within Anthology that comprise your network for success.  Your Education and Adoption team works collaboratively to provide you with the best possible experience.  success_network.png



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