Product, Development, and User Research

Our development and product team wants to connect with you too!

At Anthology, we strive to empower higher education through the strategic use of data. To help us improve our products and services we draw on many sources of inspiration such as the experience of our staff, usage data from our systems, market research, the latest technology trends, or ideas submitted directly by our Member Campuses.

Our Creation Process

As we hear new ideas and get inspired by our Member Campuses, we consider things like whether these ideas further our mission, represent solutions for our Members, or greatly improve the quality of our products and services. While we cannot implement every idea we receive, your ideas give our team a narrative of how our member campuses are using our software. This in turn helps inform our product team as we plan and prioritize our product enhancements. Thus, we must balance our plans across all our sources of inspiration without sacrificing progress on other enhancements that will provide value to our Member Campuses.

You can share your ideas for how to improve or expand on our tools directly with our team at any time using our Member Campus Ideas page. We also create many opportunities for member campuses to interact with this team in user research sessions at Elevate

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