Your Campus Onboarding Team Overview

The Campus Lab platforms empower higher education through the strategic use of data. This requires input, information, work, and decisions from multiple stakeholders on campus. With over, 1,400 implementations completed, the Camus Success Onboarding team has identified a group of on-campus partners that will be the most influential in creating the initial vision, goals, and configuration of your solution set. 

This group is a mixture of both technical and functional leaders who, together, will be accountable for bringing this tool set to campus, visioning the strategic use of the toolsets, and the success of the Campus Labs partnership. Our Campus Labs teams will partner with members of this groups to prioritize goals and develop success plans. This team will grow and expand as the partnership with Campus Labs grows. For initial onboarding, we have identified a core group of people whose input and work inecessary. 


Roles requirements can vary by product. Some roles are required in order to be able to get started. There are optional roles that aren't necessary but other campuses have found very helpful in moving projects forward and achieving their goals quickly, 

We have created a Role Dictionary for further explanation and a Role worksheet that can be completed to help campuses organize. Access them through this link.


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