Product Champions

This article will describe the following roles that our campuses found beneficial:

  • Product Champion

Product Champion  

What are the responsibilities of a Champion?     

   A Campus Labs Champion is a campus resource who can act in an influential manner on campus.  A champion will act as a liaison between the campus audience and the Campus Labs products.  The Champion is someone who supports the mission of the campus as well as the solutions proposed in the Campus Labs platforms and is willing to be an advocate on campus.  They are a voice from within the campus, an influencer for the adopted solutions, a coach to other users, and a person who will help with successful adoption on campus.  The specific responsibilities will vary based on the product, campus environment, and the goals being pursued, but champions are general involved in the launch and adoption of the product on campus  

    On other Campuses, who has been a Product Champion?     

Champions are part of the targeted user base on campus.  They have held a variety of positions dependent on the platform and targeted audience.   

  What is the level of involvement and time commitment of a Baseline Primary Contact in on-boarding and implementation?      


Technical Implementation     

Implementation Training     


On Going Support 






   What is the level of involvement and time commitment of a Product Champion after launch?     

A champion will work to know the purpose of the platform and how to showcase its usefulness to the broader audience.  A champion will work to build support and engagement with the campus goals among the target audience.      


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