Consultation and Learning Resources

Our Campus Success team has created a best-in-class training platform that will provide self-paced product training. After learning about your institution and the value you are looking to achieve, our Campus Success team develops a recommended training path for your Site Administrators. Our product training modules are created with the input from instructional designers and subject matter experts.

Knowing a product’s functionality and knowing how to utilize a product’s functionality to help derive value and meet goals are different objectives. At Anthology, we focus on the latter. Not only will your institution be able to access the self-paced training modules, but you will also have access to best practice articles, webinars, and white papers developed by campus labs and member institutions to provide insight and recommendations on how to use your solution set.

You will also have access to a consulting team that will meet in-person to guide decisions and make sure you are setting yourself up for long term success with your configuration settings. Our Campus Success team will help your campus discuss and agree on initial site configurations and help explore best practices to accomplish the tasks at hand.  


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