Understanding the Onboarding Process

This article will introduce users to the general onboarding process. 

Our consultants are really the heart of what we do. With advanced degrees, years of experience as practitioners on campus, and knowing your product set, they work with you to ensure that your goals for product adoption and staff training are clear and well thought out. Your consultant will map out clear plans for you to successfully adopt and implement the technology. They also consult with you in an ongoing way, providing strategic recommendations for your success. 

Your partnership with us will begin with onboarding. Your onboarding team will work to understand your goals and develop a milestone based Success Plan to drive progress. 

  • Discovery phase: In this phase you will meet your onboarding team who will assist in establishing your onboarding launch goals and timelines.​ We will review documents, discuss your strategic priorities, and understand your defintion of success.
  • Technical Consultation:  Simultaneous with discovery, this stage of the process is where we collaborate with your IT folks from campus, your identified campus senior sponsors, and primary contact team, as well as our campus labs technical implementation team to facilitate discovery around your technical needs to support your goals. This will include outlining the technical steps necessary to support your product onboarding.
  • Consultation and Site Configuration: This phase will include product site administrator training, consultation on higher education best practice and the software, as well as continued reflection on your institutional priorities and timelines. ​

Your onboarding experience will include:

  • Project Management Success Planning
  • Technical Implementation 
    • site creation
    • establish single-sign-on authentication 
    • data exchange
    • establish API/automated data processes (if applicable or desired by your campus)
  • Customized goal-oriented success plans for your configurations and launch of the solution
  • Site administrator training curricula 
  • Consultation - best practice related to higher education and the software
  • Train-the-trainer resources 

With a dedicated team focused on completing priority projects, we will end our onboarding process by achieving our established launch goals. This is the stage where we will bring in our adoption team who will collaborate with you and your onboarding team to establish your next set of priorities and Success Plans.




Timelines will vary greatly depending on the products including in a solution as well as the available of resources on campus. 

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