Successful Start Plans

This article will introduce Successful Start Plans. 

Through our experience and expertise, our teams have identified initial steps that our most successful campuses accomplish in their first 30 days of the Campus Labs partnership. If you want to get things started quickly, read and complete the Successful Start Plan to set your campus on the best possible path to exceed your goals and move quickly through the Onboarding process

For each step, you will find a brief explanation of what it is and a Success Start Action list that should be completed.

To complete this guide, please work though each step, in sequential order. Official onboarding will not start until the contract is signed and a Kickoff Call is schedule so use your best judgment in completing these steps to be better prepared. Working through this plan will better prepare campuses to start onboarding and move quickly. Feel free to share this guide with anyone who will be involved in the initial set-up of your solutions on campus.


Please select the appropriate Successful Start Plan from the documents below.

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