Learning Lab

Learning Lab is our learning management system. It combines a number of resources into a guided path to learn about your product's functionality and understand the implications of your configuration decisions.

Using Learning Lab makes the onboarding experience both seamless and accessible. Engaging and impactful multi-media courses — including videos, worksheets, interactive assessments, and narration — create purpose built modules meant to maximize your educational experience. Our structured approach to training will send individual users along the right learning pathways to help them get up to speed quickly on products and how to use them. Our goal is to support your campus with the materials and information they need to be successful with our products and meet your business objectives.

The Learning Lab platform provides easy access to enrolled courses and modules. Campus Labs will send you a link to access your Learning Lab site once training is ready to start. The user friendly menu in Learning Lab will easily show you what courses you have been enrolled in, what course you still have to complete, and the progress you have made on the courses you have started.







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