Updated Manual Import Experience for Courses Files

We are excited to start bringing our member campuses an updated import for the Courses files. These improved imports have been built with the most up-to-date technology, additional security and new, clear, error messaging.  

In order to release these imports we will also be rolling out a new, but familiar import page. This new experience allows us to provide more detailed information for you, not only on your import status, but also the result of your imports.

We will be transitioning the imports for each of the Courses files one at a time.  As a result, there will be a short period of time where a data manager may need to navigate from the current Courses import page to the new, updated Courses import page, depending on which file is being uploaded, or to view error files from automated imports. We realize this may add a small amount of additional time to your import process and thank you for your patience during this time of transition.  

On the Courses import page we will instruct data managers which imports should be imported on which page.  We will be starting with transitioning the Academic Terms file to the new experience, and then will continue to transition all files until we are able to deprecate the current experience and fully utilize the new experience. We will continue to keep everyone informed within data management where to navigate to import Courses files.

Current Experience



New Experience



Courses error emails to Data Managers are also getting an update.  We've included more detail in these emails to make them more meaningful.  The new error emails will be coming from noreply@dm.mail.campuslabs.com. Previously these emails were coming from CourseImport@campuslabs.com so be sure to update any email filtering that may be in place for your inbox.

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